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Created on 2011-02-14 05:30:54 (#696360), last updated 2011-03-02 (424 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:Feb 9
Location:Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America
Hi! I'm Ro, also know as Robert. I'm the guy that runs GmrJrnl (GamerJournal), which uses the DW Code. I consider this my 'part-time job', as it were, and should it actually begin to turn a decent profit from Paid user accounts and Advertising Revenue, it could very well become a full-time job!

I'm very friendly, so don't be afraid to say "Hi!". All of my Instant Messaging accounts can be found here on my profile page, and you can also find me in #dreamwidth on the Freenode IRC network, where my nick (username) is n4cht.

GmrJrnl is a personal project of mine in which I hope to connect Gamers of all stripes together into one cohesive community. Whether you're a video gamer, board gamer, LARPer, Tabletop-er, Boffer..(er?), Paintballer, Airsoft-er, or you just enjoy a good game of Rock-Paper-Scissors from time to time, GmrJrnl is for you! So, don't be shy! Check us out, start a journal, and say hi!

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android mobile operating system, blogging, champions online, changeling: the dreaming, classic rock, computers, d&d, dark ages vampire: the masquerade, doctor who, flashforward, goth music, hunter: the reckoning, indie rock, industrial music, larp, linux, madmen, mage: the ascension, minecraft, moo, muck, mud, mush, not the food), oz, reading, sliders (the show, star trek online, terry pratchett's discworld novel series, the beatles, torchwood, vampire by gaslight, vampire: the masquerade, victorian vampire: the masquerade, video games, werewolf: the apocalypse, werewolf: the wyld west, white wolf, world of darkness, world of warcraft, wraith: the oblivion

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